Regulation - Edition 2018

Article 1. Organization
The association Art Sept - Cinema Workshop (head office: 32, avenue Joseph Bougearel 06140 Vence) is organizing an event called "Marathon Film".

Article 2. Date and place
The event runs from Monday June 23 to June 30, 2018 in Vence.

Article 3. Participation in the Contest
Participation in the event is open to anyone adult or minor. In the event that the participant would be a minor, he declares and acknowledges that it has received permission to participate from the (or) holder (s) of parental authority and the concerning (or ) holders of parental authority has (have) agreed to be guarantor (s) of compliance by participating del'ensemble the provisions hereof. People who have collaborated in the organization of the event can not participate.

Article 4. Register
Registration is to be made on the website of the event.
The director of the team must have already completed two films (short or feature film).
The director and sound equip members undertake to respect the rules of the event.
He will notify by email teams a date and a place of appointment so they stand (complete teams) to confirm their registration. Registration for the competition is final after the payment of 95 euros per team.

Article 5. How to Enter
The films must be made by a team of 4 people.
Participation is limited to 5 teams for the 2018 Edition.
Participants will receive technical and summary sheet at the time of registration.
Each participant (or team) must present a single movie

Article 6. Making movies
The films are made using a camera or a camera.
The film must have realized longer than 8 minutes.

Article 7. Content movies
The kind of films is at the discretion of the participants: fiction, documentary,
testimony, animation, film diary, etc.
Participants have three three constraints:

write a scenario after a literary imposed by the organizer.
produce and edit the film in the municipality of Vence (Alpes-Maritimes).
use the music for films and musical interpretations made by the Municipal Conservatory of the city of Vence.

Article 8. Restitution movies
Films must be returned Friday, June 30, 2018 till 18h deadline to the organizer in Vence. The film format and the rendering support (USB key, DVD, hard drive) will be validated during the validation of entries.

Article 9. Showing films
Only completed films and the eligibilities criteria will be projected.

Article 10. Prize giving
A jury of seven professional will determine the prizes to be awarded.

Article 11. Exploitation films
Each of the films submitted to the organizer in the competition is likely to be released in part or in whole on the site in September Art and Film Marathon and all other platforms (Internet, Facebook, broadcast in other structures or as part of a movie projection ...). Participants are fully responsible for their work: picture and sound and all related rights shall guarantee the organizer and in case of appeal. For minor candidates, a liability waiver is requested (x) holder (s) of parental authority.

Article 12. Film selection
The organizer reserves the right to reject films that do not correspond to the selection criteria, in particular compliance constraints, time constraints, device format, as well as the films made before the opening of the event. All character films including vulgar, racist, defamatory, discriminatory or prejudicial to human dignity, in contradiction with the laws, immoral and / or public order otherwise violate either the rights of third parties including personality rights will be denied, applicants have in this respect no recourse against the organizer.

Article 13. prolongation reserve, modify or cancel
The organizer reserves the right to shorten, defer, modify or cancel the event if the circumstances require it or if force majeure beyond his control. Its liability can be incurred as a result.

Article 14. Rights of the personality rights of third parties
Participants authorize any checks concerning their identity and contact information.
As such, each participant agrees not to copy, even partially, an existing model or not to display any distinctive signs (including brand, design and pattern ...), to comply with copyright laws (L111-1 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property) and, where applicable, the law on the protection of individuals, their privacy and their image (Article 9 of the Civil Code), or any new legislation that could replace or add to it. It certifies, in this regard, that the films were made by the participant himself, are free from all duties, and contain no reproduction or loan, even partially, to another work of any nature whatsoever. It must ensure that the agreement of the person filmed, or parent or legal guardian if a minor for the exploitation of the film by the organizer in which it appears that the requirements of this regulation.
Consequently, the organizer will not incur any liability for any claim by any third party, and said entrant agrees to take on any possible conviction resulting from the use, for any reason whatsoever, the the work it has transmitted to the competition as his own creation. Participants authorize in advance, strictly exclusive, free to return, the organizer to use, in all its forms, their films in connection with the promotion of the event within the scope of its activities and in accordance with the legislation (Internet, Facebook, movies broadcast in other structures or as part of a movie projection ...).

Article 15. Responsibility
The organizer can not be held responsible because of a delay, a format error, incompatible file for reading and / or loss of the films by the participants.
The organizer will not be held responsible for any problems resulting failures in the administration, security, fairness, integrity or management of the event.
The organizer will not incur any liability in the event of an incident or accident during the event.
Consequently, the organizer will not under any circumstances be held liable, but not limited to:
 The routing problems
 The functioning of any software
 The consequences of any virus, bug, anomaly
 In any technical failure, hardware and software of any kind, have prevented or limited the opportunity to participate in the event or having damaged the system of a reentrant.
In accordance with the provisions of Article 17 above, the organizer can in no way be held responsible for any infringement of third party rights by the films.
According to the law for confidence in the digital economy of 21 June 2004, when judicial requisition or assigns of claims, the organizer will have to remove the contentious film and return to the participants concerned.

Article 16. Information and Freedom
All information that the participant communicates entering the contest is for the organizer.
The organizer will only recipient of personal information given by the participants in the contest entry form. The coordinates of the participants and winners will be processed in accordance with the law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data, files and liberties.                                            

Article 17. Disputes
The organizer will not respond to any telephone or written request concerning the interpretation or application of this Regulation, the mechanisms or modalities of the event "Film Marathon".

Article 18. Acceptance of the rules

Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of these regulations in their entirety by the participants.